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– 2006, Beginning

After several years of private practice, Attorney Michael Borja established his law firm under the name Borja Law Firm, P.C. to provide robust legal assistance to immigrants with Latino roots.

Having a fluent Spanish facilitates communication with and emphasizes comfort to discussing personal matters in our mother language.

–2013, Assembling the Team

In mid-2013, the office moved to the heart of Queens, NY to be closer to the Latino community. The new address where the office is maintained as of today is 82-02 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, located under the Roosevelt Ave. Station of Train 7.

It is here that the office expands with the best Latino paralegal team of immigrant descent.

– 2020, Live

During the complete closure of the city and the world, attorney Michael Borja takes the next step to the digital world and launches “Inmigración y Más” live video program trough of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms where he assists immigrants with free services and Q&A.

In the same way, the Borja Law Firm P.C. is ready to serve the most urgent needs of the Latino community.



  • How may we help you?

    The first step is to make an appointment to serve you in the best way. Appointments can be obtained by calling (718) 526-4472 or by visiting our offices at 82-02 Roosevelt Ave 2nd floor, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, 82nd St. & Roosevelt Ave. station of the 7 train.

  • Live Program: Inmigración y Más

    Inmigración y Más is the Video Live segment of Lawyer Michael Borja where he answers questions from clients through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on his account @BorjaLawFirm from Monday to Friday at 11:30 AM.


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Visa Juvenil.

🎉 Felicidades a mi cliente Wilson M. del Ecuador 🇪🇨 recién cumplido 18 años que acaba de recibir su Tarjeta de Residencia, Green Card, a través de la Visa Juvenil.

#BorjaLawFirm manejó su caso por 2 años hasta finalmente lograr ser victoriosos. Wilson anhela ser un electricista profesional y ahora no tendrá límites para lograrlo.

Political Asylum
🇪🇨 🇺🇸 Congratulations to Pedro! On our Facebook Live: "Inmigración y Más" we explained how to win your Political Asylum case. Now, Pedro may apply for his family and he can become resident of the the United States of America.
Visa Juvenil.

Es un gusto recordar y poder felicitar a Antonella por obtener su #GreenCard a través de la Visa Juvenil 🎉 Éxitos en su carrera de medicina.

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